Co-Existenz takes care of a good communication and collaboration with the other years of architecture students. This is why we support DUPLEX and TRIPLEX, the union of the students of the second and the third year. In addition, we also welcome the first year and make sure that everybody gets to know Existenz better.
In the second semester, we organise a design contest for architecture students from all over Belgium, so we can strengthen our connection with the other architecture students from outside our Arenberg castle. More information about this competition will come soon.

Team XII design competition

Open call to all architecture students currently studying in Belgian universities to participate in a 12 hours design competition, organised by Existenz. The winning team will be rewarded with a publication in A+ Magazine, free A+ subscriptions as well as 250 euros (courtesy of Vectorworks).
The competition is a free event. At 9AM the topic of the competition will be revealed. From this moment onwards your teammates and yourself will be submerged in this topic. Lose yourself in it, discuss it, design it. Think outside of the box, go wild. Do something you would never do if it wasn't for these 12 hours...

Wednesday 07/03/2018, from 09:00 until 22:30

Arenberg Castle, Leuven. Designing in the Arenberg Castle is not obligated, but strongly encuraged! It allows for easier communication as well as thriving environment with all the other participating students.

Register here. Teams consist of 4 persons maximum.

All participating students will receive a 20% discount if they register for a yearly subscription to the A+ before the 7th of march.
During the event food will be made available with everyone's student budget in mind.
A free reception will close the event. Get to know the other teams and share your thoughts and observations about the competition topic over the sound of bubbling champagne.

Expecting to see you soon!


DUPLEX is the union of the architecture students in the second year.


TRIPLEX is the union of the architecture students in the third year.