EXISTENZ organizes two cafés where everyone can chat together, accompanied by a bit of music. It is also an opportunity to come in contact with architectural themes across the boundaries of the discipline. At the 24-hour run, we use our architectural art skills for the food stall, which offers appropriate drinks and snacks. In May, a volleyball contest will take place, where everybody can participate the game or can enjoy a live band performance. In addition, the cantus with champagne will take you to a higher level!

Café Travaillé

Following the cozy Café Caché, Existenz transforms a deserted office building. Café Travaillé turns this dated workspace into a vast landscape of flows. Our endeavour lies somewhere within the borders of working and chilling, experimenting with exciting forms of coworking and creating loads of room to kick back. For one day only, this building may surprise you with its new features, loads of activities, lectures and laidback tunes. The café opens at 9 a.m. for the early birds who like a proper cup of coffee (or tea, we don’t judge) or just like to get things done early. All throughout the day workshops will be running such as yoga and anger management. After hours the spaces get a whole new meaning: a private theatre for lectures, a jamming stage and (of course) an actual bar where you can sit back and relax with a drink. For the dancers- no worries, we’ve got a dj and live music to cover all your skanking needs! Our collaboration with Digitaal Materiaal will enrich the spot with an art installation, showing the work of upcoming digital artists. Hans, Ward and Anton formed Leuven-based Digitaal Materiaal to put young artists in the spotlight. Did you ever dream of walking around the studio of a digital artist? Are you done with a boring old workspace? Do you like some good tunes and some damn tasty food? Join us for some funky beats- we’ll make it worth your while.

Practical information:

Wednesday 15/11/2017, from 09:00 until 24:00

WHERE? Diestsevest 25, Leuven

You can book a meeting place at Café Travaillé here!

24 urenloop

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us! We'll be back next year, with as much enthousiasm as this year!

Café Caché

Our first café was already successful! We hope to see you again on our second café on november 15th! Pictures can be found on our website.