One of our usual annual activities, is the EXISTENZ trip, organized for all architecture students in autumn. Together, we visit the iconic classics and contemporary beauties of the architectural world. We will be your guide, and you can enjoy exclusive tours given by local architects. In short, a trip totally by and especially for architecture students. Would you like to meet your fellow students from other years? Would you like to have a weekend full of famous and less famous architecture? Then don't forget to sign up!

Where are we going?

This year, we're going to Stuttgart! For the complete planning of the trip, we'll keep you in suspense for a little while, but we can already assure you that the Staatsgalerie and the Weissenhofsiedlung are part of the visits! We hope to see you there!

Practical info:

From friday morning 10/11/2017 until sunday evening 12/11/2017

You can sign up here!